Friday, May 22, 2015

Pacific Northwest Climate Camp July 6-12, 2016


Vancouver Action Network is happy to announce a Pacific Northwest Climate Camp happening July 6-12, 2016 on Lemon Island, Oregon. The primitive camping sites on Lemon Island are 11 miles northeast of Portland, OR in the middle of the Columbia River.  Lemon Island is strategically located within easy paddling distance of railroads hauling oil and coal, airports, oil export terminals, and other earth destroyer's headquarters.

Some of you may have participated in sit-ins, die-ins, be-ins and now boat-ins! Our kayaktivist volunteers decided to organize a camp centered around this increasingly popular waterborne protest tactic.

This camp builds on the success of boating protest actions such as
 Summer Heat on July 27, 2013. 

 sHell No on May 16, 2015.

And the People's Climate Action Fleet on June 21, 2015.

This climate camp also coincides with the International Oil Train Week of Action which marks the anniversary of the Lac-Megantic oil train explosion on July 6, 2013 where 47 people were killed when a train hauling Bakken crude oil exploded and burned down their town.

This camp is being organized by a planning collective with years of experience organizing Mountain Justice camps and Earth First! Round River Rendezvous.  If you would like to join the planning collective please contact us. 

Lemon Island Site Logistics!

Learn more about Lemon Island here.

Lemon Island rules.

A map of the area with points of interest.

The river distance chart for the Columbia and Willamette Rivers is here. 

This camp is FREE to the public and during this family reunion event we will be engaged in continuous picnics and optional community service projects (such as post 4th of July trash cleanups on the island) to help Oregon State Parks and the local communities during this camp.

If you have a boat and are willing to help ferry land lubbers to the camp please contact us.

* NOTE-- There is NO public access of Lemon Island via the Interstate 205 bridge so this really is a boat-in event.

Public transportation options which will bring you nearer the site include
Trimet's Max Red Line to the Portland Airport
There is an extensive bike path network in the area.

We are asking that you bring EVERYTHING that you will need to survive and thrive for the duration of your stay including but not limited to:
  1. any kind of boat, paddle, and personal flotation device (pfd)- life vest
  2. food and some way to cook it
  3. water (at least 1 gallon a day), maybe you could filter the Columbia River water but it is not the preferable option due to upstream pollutants
  4. toiletries (there are numerous vault toilets on site but no toilet paper)
  5. a tent
  6. sleeping bag- though a small blanket might work since it will be warm
  7. pocket knife
  8. hand soap
  9. solar shower
  10. first aid kit / medications / sunscreen
  11. anything else that will make you comfortable (nothing illegal please)
  12. * by Oregon law all boats are required to have 1 properly fitted pfd per person, a sound signaling device (such as a whistle, bell, or air horn), navigation light(s), and an Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species permit which costs $5. If you don't have these items or  permit you could face a hefty fine if caught by Oregon officials.   
  13.  *** NOTE-- Exceptions do exist in regards to purchasing a $5 Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species permit for operating a paddle boat vessel in Oregon and can be found in the FAQ section of this page.
    a) Eleemosynary groups; (Eleemosynary organizations are those which are operated primarily as a part of organized activities for the purpose of teaching youths scoutcraft, camping, seamanship, self-reliance, patriotism, courage and kindred virtues). Defined in ORS 830.790.
    b) Boats from Washington do not need an Oregon permit if boating within the mainstem of the Columbia River.  (the Columbia River is the location of the camp)
    c) Boats from Washington or Idaho may launch in Oregon tributaries within ONE RIVER MILE of the Columbia or Snake rivers (common interstate boundary waters) without a permit, only for the purposes of accessing the Columbia and Snake rivers.
    d) All manually powered boats UNDER 10 feet long are exempt from the permit requirement.
*****NO KITCHEN!*****

At this time we don't expect to have a central kitchen, so bring your own food.


We hope to have a wide range of workshops during the week including but not limited to environmental justice, social justice, LGBTQ solidarity, anti-oppression, non-violent direct action, tree climbing, kayak / boating safety, water monitoring and many more.

If you have a workshop that you would like to present please contact us.

We will post a list of planned workshops closer to the time of camp but don't worry if you don't get added to the list as we will have some free spaces as well.


We hope to have a plethora of actions both on land and water during the week. If you have ideas contact us.

We envision multiple fantastic actions being planned and pulled off by autonomous affinity groups (without prior approval) as well as several larger coordinated actions during the week. Any individual(s) or group(s) can plan and carry out non violent actions in conjunction with this camp as long as their action abides by the following anti-oppression and non-violence codes.  

Anti-oppression statement-

**This statement is a work in progress and we welcome input.**

We seek to create a space that is as safe, inclusive and supportive as possible for people who are woman, female, gender queer, and/or trans-identified, and men. We recognize that we live in a society full of power imbalances along lines of race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, age, physical ability, size and other diverse identities. Though these differences can feel intimidating, we also affirm that we share common experience that inspires us to fight these norms. As we work towards ending oppressive behavior in our society, we feel it is essential to build community and experience each other in new ways, loving and supporting one another. In order to create this space, we ask the following of all:

1) Please refrain from using oppressive or derogatory language or terms. Challenge yourself to be aware of your words.

2) Be aware of how you use your body. Everyone has a different history, comfort level and personal space needs. Please make sure all touch, casual or not, is consensual. Please ask for consent even before giving a friendly hug.

3) Our assumptions sometimes get us into trouble. If we assume we know someone’s gender, national origin, sexuality, or preferred pronouns, for example, it can result in hurt feelings all around. Sometimes people suggest that we shouldn’t assume things about people. If you can do that, great! Teach us sometime. For the rest of us, let us start simple: When you assume something about someone, recognize that it is an assumption and try not to cling to it. Be prepared for your assumptions to be shattered!

Conflict Resolution Team-

**This statement is a work in progress and we welcome input.**

We hope to form a volunteer Conflict Resolution Team to help deal with any issues of concern which may arise during camp.

Non-violence statement-

**This statement is a work in progress and we welcome input.**

PNW Climate Camp organizers and participants agree to use only non violent actions and intentions for the duration of the PNW Climate Camp.  We will not engage in property destruction, oppressive or harmful language, theft, or general scuffles. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for sexual harassment / assault and corrective actions will be taken immediately to protect any victims of such actions and hold perpetrators accountable.

We look forward to seeing you on the water. 

Till then, PNW Climate Camp planning collective

Flowers of Lemon Island